Analysis of business performance and operations

Become familiar with the company’s business and strategic objectives
Spread key statistics, ratios, and trading multiples
Select universe of comparable companies
Benchmark comparable companies
Determine company valuation
Prepare an information memorandum and compile all necessary documents, readying company for investor/buyer requirements

Analysis of business performance and operations

Perform an industry landscape and competitor analysis.
Consider macro economic variables that may affect buyer or investor appetite

Assess market buzz and identify potential investors or acquirers

Advise the company on the necessary steps to be taken in order to increase business worth and investor appeal.
Together, determine the best type of investors to pursue (Financial or Strategic).
Decide on an investor approach technique- Serial Approach, Targeted Auction, Full Auction
Create a Buyer or Investor List
Decide on potential access to markets through private placements or public offerings

Negotiate and close transactions

Review LOIs and apply nancial analyses to proposals to select optimal deal
Select limited number of partners with whom to conclude negotiations Negotiate purchase or investment agreements
Supervise offering process and documentation
Coordinate with legal counsel and counter-parties to complete documentation, close the transaction, and fund

Manage M&A or placement process/offering

Initiate contact with prospective investors, utilizing the existing LATINVEST contact network and other outlets
Accompany or represent clients in meetings and presentations, protecting clients’ interests and ensuring quality contact with prospective investors
Manage the offering process including syndicate issues, relationship with lawyers, book-building and regulatory issues
Coordinate due diligence process & data room

Serving with expertise and dedication

We have partnered with SDDCO Brokerage Advisors and Pershing/Bank of New York Mellon -- one of the longest lasting financial institutions in the world – to clear transac- tions and provide custody & safeguard client assets. Founded by U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in 1784, BNY Mellon has seen nations and businesses come and go and it still stands as one of the world’s most solid institutions.

Latinvest brings significant professional experience

Over the course of more than 120 years of combined experience, LATINVEST’s key managers have gathered their experience in the following institutions.